You Are 60-70% Water?

Our body is 60-70% water and maintaining an adequate level of hydration is essential for the efficient regulation of your body’s normal physiological functions according to Waterwise. You see, water also helps to: Aid in proper digestion Improve oxygen delivery...

2020 Holiday Hours

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Bring on 2021! As a reminder here are our Holiday Hours: ūüéÖ CHRISTMAS Closed Dec. 24th – 27th ūü•≥ NEW YEARS Closed Dec. 31st – Jan 3rd.

Do You Know What Is In Your Bottle Water?

Doesn’t your family deserve fresh, clean drinking water without concern?¬† Are you tired of hauling bottle water¬† home from the store?¬† We can help!¬† Install a Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system under your sink and enjoy clean, fresh water that you and your...

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