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What is soft water?

What is soft water?

Many people don't know what soft water is or what it has to do with their health. Soft water is a good investment for you and your family as it helps to save the amount of water you use. It is also a good way to ensure you are getting a fresh supply of clean, drinking...

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10% Off Any New System

For the month of March we are offering 10% any new water system.  This offer is for new sales only and you must mention ad prior to purchase.  This offer can not be combined with any other offer.  This offer can not be used for any service, repairs or supplies.  Offer...

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2021 Puppy Love 5k Run

We are so proud to be part of such an awesome event with such an awesome Animal Rescue Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary. Join us Saturday February 13th for their Puppy Love 5k Run and Walk. Here is more information on the event:...

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The Human Heart is 79% Water!

Why is it so important to drink water?  Well with the human heart being 79% water it is so important to drink clean water.  There was a study that was conducted and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology that showed women who drink 5 or more glasses of...

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January 2021 Special

For the month of January we are offering Free Monthly Service for 3 months.  This offer does not include any repairs.  Credit card and service agreement is required on this offer.  At the end of the three months the monthly service will continue until customer...

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Monthly Service

Are you tired of having to regenerate your filter? Are the bags of salt getting too heavy? How often do you forget to regenerate and are only reminded when your water isn’t clear or is starting to smell?

Water Softeners

Soft water protects plumbing and appliances, keeps clothes cleaner, skin and hair softer, and saves you money. With a Kinetico Water Softener in your home, your hard life will disappear. Using soft water saves you money on soaps and cleaners…

Drinking Water Systems

Unique Features Found Only On Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Systems…

Well Drilling

2″, 3″, 4″ & 6″ P.V.C. Wells, Whether you’re looking for a commercial, household or irrigation well – we drill them…

Specialty Treatment Systems

What Makes The Kinetico Mach Overdrive Enhanced Sulfur Guard System Different. Non-Electric Operation. Reliable. No timers or computers to set, adjust or replace. Metered, Demand Service. Unlimited supply of fresh, odor-free water…

Regeneration Instructions

Depending on your system you may or may not need to regenerate (Backwash) the filter on a regular basis. Generally regeneration needs to be done once a month, more for larger families or houses and less for smaller homes and families.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

As people become increasingly aware of the benefits of purified water, the demand for equipment capable of treating both municipal and well water supplies continues to grow…

Commercial Water Treatment

Dual-layer under-bedding improves water distribution, increases salt and water efficiency, and reduces pressure loss…

Marine and RV Water Treatment

Aqua Soft Water Systems has custom designed a stand and added a clear view mesh filter for sediment removal that has made the Kinetico convenient and portable as you travel to different Ports of Call or travel from City to City..


Here are some frequently asked questions: Q: My water pressure is decreasing, why? A: Try changing out your sediment filter outside. When they get clogged they will decrease your water pressure. This is very common on new wells…

Kinetico Home Water Systems

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