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Temperature Indicator
Heating and chilling can be turned
on or off independently.  
Dispenses water from 40  to 200  F
Hot Water Faucet with Safety
Prevents burns from
accidental dispensing.  Hot
water is dispensed by
pushing  back the faucet lever
while depressing the safety.
One-touch Lever
Continuous dispensing
achieved by pulling faucet
lever forward.  Quickly and
safely fill a pitcher or coffee
Water Tray
Front Cover
Control Panel
Built-in Microprocessor Control
that monitors all functions of the
system including reservoir level,
water treatment operation,
heating and cooling function
and temperature set-points.
Cold / Ambient
Water Faucet
It can be dispensed
from the same tap.  
Dual function faucet
rotates to dispense
either water supply.
Front Drain
Allows for convenient
draining of the internal
water reservoir
Hot water, cold water, room temperature the selection is yours !

Multi-stage water treatment

Adjustable, automatic temperature control

Compact design

Multi-Stage Water Treatment. Included with all CS Series units.  Treatment is available in Reverse
Osmosis and Carbon Block filtration.

Temperature Display. Provides a digital visual display of the hot and chilled water's temperature.

Air Tight Reservoir. Prevents airborne particle and other secondary contaminants from entering the
processed water reservoir.

Double Shut-Off Protection. Prevents water overflow from the processed water reservoir.

Warranty. 1 year limited factory warranty.  1 year labor warranty
No More Bottles!
Unlimited Supply
Of Great Tasting
Would you like clean healthy
drinking water while at work
or at home? Aqua Soft now
offers a brand new, cutting
bottle-less cooler. It will
provide clean, filtered water
that is heated, chilled or at
room temperature without the
hassle and expense of those
big heavy bottles!
The majority of Kinetico products are certified by third-party labs such as NSF and WQA.  To further ensure consumer
confidence, several or our models are certified by two or more of these independent labs, which is unprecedented in
the industry.  For specific claims and certifying labs, refer to performance data sheets or consult your local Kinetico