Top Mount Taste & Odor Filter
Regeneration Instructions
Note:  Regenerate filter monthly or sooner if needed.  Failure to
do this will ruin filter media and cause water to have an odor.

1. Close valve on outlet side of filter (above lever)

2. Add directed gallon(s) of liquid bleach to solution tank.

3. Move the backwash position (1) for 5 minutes.

4.  Move lever to suction postition (2) then open suction valve on
left side of control until the bleach is drawn out the close the
suction valve.

5. Move lever to rinse position (3) till bleach can be detected at
end of drain line.  Then move lever to service position and let set
for 10 minutes only.

6. After 5 minutes move lever back to rinse position (3) and let run
at least 10 minutes or until drain water is free of bleach.

7. Move lever to service position and open outlet valve.

8. Open suction valve 3 to 5 seconds to purge suction line.
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