"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink"  
John 7:37
How easily we take it for granted that the water we drink is not only convenient but clean, as
Americans we are so very lucky.  Yet other countries around us the people are not only starving
but  are dying of thirst.   As  Americans we don’t think  twice about turning on our facets.   
How many times do we see those commercial with starving children and do nothing or flip the
channel so that we don’t have to see it.

At Aqua Soft Water Systems we believe in giving back.  We currently help support a number of
worthy organizations who’s  souls purpose is to bring clean drinking water to the under
privileged and the poor countries.  Lloyd and Peggy Rice the founders of Aqua Soft are
Christians.  As Christians they feel that one of God’s callings for them is to try and help

Let me tell you a little bit about Lloyd’s passion and mission, I should know - this web site
was created by his daughter Debbie.  My father is very passionate about helping others and
doing God’s work.  My parents are very Godly people, whether it’s personal or business
they bring everything before God.  Both of my parents are very active in their church, First
Baptist Church.    My father has also gone on many mission trips.  Some of the places he has
gone have been  Haiti and Nairobi Kenya.  While on his mission to Kenya he worked with the
locals to help solve their water (or lack of water) needs.  They are still in the process of drilling
wells in remote areas for the people.
All of thses children are orphans and in need of
drinking water,  These 28 children is this home
share 3 beds.  They came out to  to sing Jesus songs
to the mission workers (including Lloyd)
Click here to learn more about
Kenya and how you can help
the people.
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If you would like to make a donation to help these children we will
accept them.  100% of the money goes to the children and their
drinking water.  We also have a small display of Africa carvings
that are for sale - all profits go to help the children.  This display
was set up by the mission workers.  Stop by and see them.  If you
have any questions give us a call (561)753-7700 or send us an